Anti-Vandal Units

Atlantic cabins provide a wide selection of Anti Vandal units, these units are designed for security and built for the purpose and use of secure comfort.

We provide units such as:


Offices come in all sizes and can be used for all uses. Below are Pictures of different office set ups and also prefabricated offices used for school purposes.


Canteens come in all required sizes. They are fitted with top of the range canteen seating equipment, sink units, heaters and sockets. In more recent cases we have combined drying rooms and canteens into the one Anti Vandal unit due to high demand.


Drying Room

Drying rooms have been used on sites as changing rooms, events as changing rooms and also in sport clubs etc. they are benched and fitted to some specific requirements. Similar to canteens drying rooms are generally 10×8, 20×8 and 20×10.

Ticket Offices

These units are equipped with designed sliding windows providing the perfect security and ideal ticket sales unit. The units are 8×6 and 10×6 with windows parallel and a door at the back to enter.

All anti vandal units come with high security doors, heavy duty locks and shutter windows. They are all equipped with insulated walls, roofs, and flooring. Fuse boards, lights, twin sockets and a wall heater are provided in each Anti-Vandal Units. All units are jack legged in order to be positioned correctly and evenly.