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Mobile Welfare Units

We now have available from our Stock 6 Person Mobile Welfare Unit. Ideal for the most remote and demanding of environments. These are towable units that comprise of a 6 person Canteen facility, A Private WC facilities and Drying/ Generator room. Know as the Armadillo Unit it is a robust and secure mobile welfare unit suitable for all sites.

The completely self-contained unit is designed to become Static once towed to site and is ready for use in a matter of minutes. Diesel Filled Generators run the whole unit.

Each Unit Consists of a 6 Person Seated Canteen with LED lighting, Hot and Cold Running Water, Microwave, Kettle, Small Convectional heater and also Sockets Should you require power for anything else. At the Rear of these units there is 2 Doors, 1 Door allows you access to a private Self Contained Toilet and Foot Pump Wash Hand Basin (Warm Water). The Other Door is Entry to your Drying Room/Generator Room – Coat Hooks Surrounding, Diesel Tank and your Generator are based here, there is also a built in vent for immediate ventilation. Most units also feature generator auto-frost protection to ensure your operatives’ welfare is maintained, even during the harshest of conditions. Additional security features include a hydraulic isolation switch, fully secure window shutters and 5-point dead-locking system.

To discuss the advantages of practical application of our mobile welfare units, get in contact with Atlantic Cabins & Containers Ltd today.

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