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Anti-Vandal Units

Atlantic Cabins & Containers Ltd provide a wide selection of Anti-Vandal Units, these units are designed for security and built for the purpose and use of secure comfort. All of our anti-vandal units come with High Security Double Locking Doors, Heavy Duty Internal Opening Shutter Windows.

They are all equipped with Insulated Walls, Roofs and Flooring. Internally they are fitted with Vinyl Plasterboard Wall Finish, Fuse board, Florescent Lights, 13Amp Twin Sockets and a Convectional Heater.

All Anti-Vandal Units are fitted to Facilitate Offices, Canteens, Drying Rooms, Security Kiosks, Ticket Offices etc. - Highly Popular for Site Accommodation.

These units are available for Hire and Purchase. They can also be modified to our Clients specific requirements, we manufacture a wide variety of Anti-Vandal Units: Workshops, Combi Offices/Stores, Drying Rooms/Canteens, Sports Dressing Rooms, Toilet Blocks, Offices with Toilets and Showers etc.

Units can be manufactured from 4ft to 44ft

To discuss our comprehensive range of anti-vandal units with our experts, get in contact with Atlantic Cabins & Containers Ltd today.

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